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Tampa Bay Hurricane Roll-Up Shutters

At Roll-A-Guard, we offer our customers the best options in hurricane protection. One of the most popular options we supply customers with is the double walled extruded aluminum roll-up shutter, also called the roll-down or rolling shutter.

Serving Pinellas and Areas of Hillsborough County

Roll-up shutters are stored in a hood above your opening with tracks that run down the sides. Roll-ups are great for lanais because you do not have tracks on the floor. When you need to deploy your shutters for an impending hurricane, or just to block out some light, all you need to do is press a button. If the power goes out, there is a manual back-up to hand crank the shutters open and closed. Manual roll-up shutters are available for smaller openings. Contact Roll-A-Guard at 727-434-4444 to get your roll-up shutters installed!

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